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乔沐子青年艺术家(曾用名:李冠娇),2013年毕业于英国伦敦艺术学院,目前创作生活于北京,擅长跨媒介艺术创作。 作品主题多为探索⼈类未来⽣活方式、对当下社会意识形态的反思以及虚拟与物理世界间的边界、转化和权重。作品在艺术语言上试图探索⼀种既符合全球化语境下当代年轻群体的审美趣味,⼜传承中国独有视觉脉络的艺术⻛格。艺术作品在伦敦各艺术学院、北京今日美术馆、798艺术区、颐堤港等多地展出,并与微软、王府井、阳光保险等企业集团合作。

Qiao MuZi (Guanjiao Li) graduated from the University of the Arts London in 2013. 

Her work aims to explore a way of her imagination on future life and social ideology, also she is interested in the boundary、transition and proportion between the virtual and physical world. In terms of visual language, she is exploring a solution for both the global aesthetic consensus of the young generation and the Chinese visual inheritance. Her work has been mainly exhibited in Europe and Asia, also cooperated with Microsoft、Wangfujing Group and other companies.

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