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Cryptoart Panda是为期一个月的中国加密艺术主题系列活动。活动百分之百由社区组织,所需要的地块、专业技能和资源都完全由社区成员自发贡献,真正做到ART OF THE COMMUNITY,BY THE COMMUNITY AND FOR THE COMMUNITY。目前活动内容包括加密艺术展览、音乐节、Panda 主题NFT作品集体创作、加密艺术品评选等,Cryptoart Panda正在成为中国加密艺术社区最活跃的力量。


Cryptroart Panda is a one-month long cryptoart themed events of China cryptoart community. The activities are 100% organized by the community, and all required plots, skills and resources are completely contributed by the community members, truly achieving ART OF THE COMMUNITY, BY THE COMMUNITY AND FOR THE COMMUNITY. The current activities include artwork exhibitions, music parties, NFT collective creation and artwork competitions. Cryptoart Panda is becoming the most active force in the China cryptoart community.

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